I’ve got my own catchphrase that I use when my kids get worried about how things are going – “Dad’s got it dialed in!” It’s not just funny; it puts the kids at ease because they know I’m going to help get them through it all OK. I’ll probably never really tell any of my divorce clients “Relax! Your divorce lawyer has got this!”, but I want them to have the same feeling – that I’ve got their backs and they’re going to be all right when it’s over.

Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer

When you hire a divorce lawyer it should come as a relief! As an attorney, I have years of training and experience in family law; specifically with divorce, child support, child custody, property division, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and so on. It’s that experience and knowledge that you are really looking for in a divorce lawyer, because when things get difficult your divorce lawyer is going to know what to do.

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Let me give you a couple of examples of why you want to have me as your divorce lawyer:

Child Custody

Child custody is far more complicated than just which parent spends more time with the kids. In fact, Oregon law sets out six specific factors that have to be considered by the judge, and primary caregiver is only one. Those six factors have to be considered individually, and no single factor can be given more importance than the others. How the court makes its decision is very complicated. The evidence that you have to present to the judge includes testimony, photographs, videos, school records, among others. Getting that evidence considered involves dozens of rules of evidence and many other laws. I’ve dealt with these issues more times than I can count. My associate Jennifer Brown has recently taken several cases on these issues up to the Court of Appeals. We know how to handle complex a child custody case.

Child Support

Let’s say your child’s father is lying about his income and you have a child support hearing coming up. Do you know how to get the right information? We do! When this happens, your divorce lawyer should be thinking about depositions, discovery requests, and subpoenas. In some cases, we’ll turn to a motion to compel, contempt, and other remedies.

Divorcee Decree

Your divorce decree is a very complicated document that can have life-long impacts on you. For example, many times I’ve seen divorce decrees that award the house to the other side but don’t go any further. This can be a major problem for you if the loan goes into default or even when you try to buy another house and find that your credit is still tied up by the old loan. The divorce decree has to have a lot more detail in it. We know what that detail has to be and can tune it to your specific case’s needs.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is a very important decision. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case and what we can do for you. Then when you hire us, you can tell yourself, “Relax! My divorce lawyer has got this!”

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