Remember that this is usually your first and only time to impress the judge or jury.  You want to dress appropriately! It is important to look neat, clean, and professional. I often tell clients to dress as though they were going to a job interview.  It’s not required that you go out and buy a new outfit for court, but here are some helpful tips:

Things to Wear:

Business Suit

  • Appropriate Shoes 
  • Slacks or khaki pants
  • Collared shirt – tucked in
  • Tie 
  • Dress or pantsuit
  • Skirt – not too short
  • Nice sweater


Things NOT to Wear:

  • Especially if they are old, ripped, or stained.
  • Shorts or short skirts.
  • Athletic Clothing. Sweatpants and a hoodie is good for working out, but not appropriate courtroom attire.
  • Hats or sunglasses. Most courts will require you remove them prior to entering the courtroom anyway.
  • Inappropriate shoes. Do not wear flip-flops, worn out sneakers, or stilettos. Also be mindful of the cost of the shoes. It may not be a good idea to wear $500 heels to court.
  • Revealing clothing. You want to make sure everything that should be covered is covered.  Do not wear crop tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, or low-cut tops.
  • T-shirts with inappropriate pictures or slogans. Common sense says you probably should not wear a beer shirt to your DUII trial.
  • Flashy jewelry.
  • It should go without saying, but I have seen it before.


Other considerations:

Some courts are very conservative and may not look kindly on tattoos or body-piercings.  It’s a good idea to talk to your attorney first to decide if it is necessary to cover up your tattoos or remove your piercings before court.  Same applies to non-natural hair colors. You can also contact Eggert Law Firm, and we can help you out with any questions you might have appropriate clothing attire.

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