Scheduling consultations now, In-Office, Phone and Videoconference.
Call our Broken Arrow, Oklahoma office: (539) 252-9364

Resource Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Fee Structures

  • Consultation Fee: $95 for up to 30 minutes
  • Hourly Rates: Variable by case type and attorney.
  • Typical Retainer: Retainers vary based on the work I anticipate performing.
  • Fixed Fees / Flat Fees: Varies based on extent and scope of work.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

  • Document Review Services
  • Full Service QDRO Preparation Services: QDRO preparation for where Christopher Eggert will prepare and present the QDRO for filing and have direct contact with the Plan Administrator
  • Ghost Writing: QDRO preparation where the divorce attorney will manage court filings and third party contact
  • Fixed Fees / Flat Fees: Available in most cases

Schedule an In-Depth Consultation

We’re here for you, and would love to find a time to get together for a one-hour, in-depth initial consultation to outline your needs, define how we can help, and give you peace of mind. Fee of $125 is collected at the time of the meeting.

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